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Our Mission

Teaching Health for a Better World!

"The most valuable part of the HOCA program is the defining of the depth and breadth of the problems we face, but offering physiologically sound and simple modifications to make a change and take charge of our lives and then to share with others.'" Dr. Brian Lee
Dr. Howard Fisher

Health Optimization Coaching Academy's specifically designed and continually expanding program has been created by medical professionals, award winning educators and successful certified coaches featuring a curriculum unmatched by any; all designed specifically to help YOU kick start your life and career to improve your health and the health of others' immediately from the first lecture!

We need your help!  It is time to begin building the next generation of Health Optimization Coaching Academy certified coaches to broaden our sphere of influence to change the health and wellness of the world! Exciting times are coming as this program evolves and grows to meet the needs and challenges of our unhealthy world.  This certification program is a vehicle to allow you to become a person of significance embarking upon the mission of changing the world of health and wellness.

You can begin your journey to become a a certified health coach at your convenience through our on-demand social media model.  This certification will allow you to dramatically impact the health and wellness of those who become your coaching clients.

HOCA is accredited by The World Organization of Natural Medicine University Federation (WONM-UHMF) is an hub for inter-education collaboration of affiliate  educational institutions.

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