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Read stories of our Coaches that are learning, changing and impacting their health and the health of others' through HOCA.

Great presentations of what I have been learning from Dr. Howard Fisher in his intensive, more clinically oriented Health Optimization Coaching Certification. The more people who embrace that health is THEIR choice and in THEIR grasp if they make the appropriate choices, the more we can make a difference, one person at a time. If you don't want to do it for yourself, do it for your kids or grandkids as they will suffer much more than us unless something changes. That something is YOU! Make the changes.The Health Optimization Coaching Academy course will provide you the knowledge, resources and skills necessary to implement the simple changes to impact many for life and for generations.


You can do this on your schedule!  All the material was clearly presented in terms anyone will understand. The availability to review the recorded lectures was a fantastic advantage affording customization to each person’s schedule.


This is helping to further my health outreach in my practice to offer others sustainable methods to heal themselves and others. I am contemplating doing small group sessions/talks and utilizing other HOCA Alums to assist in their more personal individual needs and coaching.


The most valuable part of the HOCA program is the defining of the depth and breadth of the problems we face, but offering physiologically sound and simple modifications to make a change and take charge of our lives and then to share with others.

Brian J. Lee, MD, FACS

Even with a Bachelor's degree in Nursing and 40 hours toward a Master's degree in Nursing, the knowledge gained from this curriculum is impressive.  When I explain to people what I have been taught and by whom, it is clear they immediately feel I am the person they need to guide them with their journey into health.  I feel very secure that I will be supported by being able to access any staff with questions, not to mention being able to access all curriculum that is being added.  Hat's off for being at the forefront of this movement and giving graduates the training and data we need to excel.

Kristen Lambrecht, RN 

I learned invaluable information during my class. Some of it I already knew, some I didn't. What I learned can never be unknown again, making me even more aware of what I put into my body. Through this class I've gained invaluable instructors who want me to be the best in my coaching and in my health. I would recommend this program to anyone wanting to better their health and their life. Thank you all. 

Christina Guy
Licensed Massage Therapist 
Instructor at Advanced Massage Therapeutics
Certified in Baby Massage, Kinesios Taping 3, Reiki Master, Pregnancy Massage

The HOCA program has provided me with insight into the devastation to our health from “conventional” food and mainstream pharmaceuticals.  The entire experience with the HOCA program has made it possible for me to help identify issues not only with my own health but in others as well. It is amazing to see how much more I recognize possible nutritional deficiencies in others. It has been unlike any experience in my life.  Those that have the vision for this program are some of the most intelligent and giving people. We need more of them. I am urging anyone that has an interest in changing the way that people think and live their lives to get involved. Everyone can do their part, no matter how small.

Jane Garvison 

The subject matter covered is by far the best in this industry, especially for medical professionals wanting to dig deeper into pertinent non-negotiable practices.  The constant hands-on support from staff was exceptional.  As a nurse, I feel I can extend better resources of knowledge.  I look forward to sharing the wealth of information from the training and excited to move forward and share with those who want to change their lives.
Candace Stroo, RN
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