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Britten McDowell

BSc, MA Registrar

Britten began his professional life after obtaining a Bachelor’s of Science (cum laude) from Campbellsville University where he had a very successful collegiate football career.  After Graduating from CU, he began his career teaching and coaching in a variety of roles all over the state of Kentucky.  While pursuing his career in education, Britten graduated from Murray State University with a Master’s of Arts in Educational Leadership (magna cum laude).  It was his time in this program that Britten began his passion for personal development and his entrepreneurial spirit began to bloom. 


During his entrepreneurial journey, Britten began to develop a passion for health and wellness.  During his late 20’s, after facing many health some major health challenges, Britten began his quest to find a better way to a better life and better health.  After working closely with Dr. Howard Fisher and having massive success in improving his health, Britten and Dr. Fisher Partnered to found the R.S.O.N. (Rationale to Stop Obesity Now) Protocol and began educating countless people to a ground-breaking, innovative approach to healthy and sustainable weight loss.

After manifesting the established protocols and improving his health and wellness, Britten sought out the best instructors available to initiate his mission.  To impact the lives of others and build significance he knew that personal development and growth was mandatory.    Mr. McDowell became a member of the world-renowned John Maxwell Team, as a certified Speaker, Teacher, Trainer and Coach.  After joining the John Maxwell Team, Britten began a business teaching success, growth, leadership and significance in a variety of settings, his favorite being the one on one executive coaching.  His programs allowed countless individuals achieve their highest levels of success and growth, and Britten realized the need for this type of coaching in the realm of health and wellness. 


Mr. McDowell investigated the availability of high quality, focused health coaching training, and realizing that they were lacking, knew something must be done.   The culmination of his desires to impact others, to show them a better way to a better life, and the realization of the lack of truly impactful efficacious programs, brought Britten back full circle to his friend and mentor Dr. Howard Fisher to share a vision for a mission of teaching others to teach true health and wellness on a global scope.  He is currently the Registrar of the Health Optimization Coaching Academy, while operating a highly successful Private Coaching consulting firm and is involved in distribution of high quality nutrition.

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