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James Matthew Guy


James Matthew (Matt) Guy has over 15 years of providing patient healthcare. During many of those years, he logged double the time of most of his colleagues. During his middle school years, he began volunteering at a local hospital at a time when volunteers could be involved in patient care. In 2004, he began working in emergency services.


Matt holds a Bachelor's Degree in Biology from Grace College and a Bachelor's Degree in Nursing from Indiana Wesleyan University. Matt was Chief Nursing Officer for an air ambulance provider in which he worked directly with all the major brand name institutions throughout the United States. Matt has a strong background in Emergency, Critical Care and Flight Nursing as evidence by his current roles to include providing Nursing Instruction for Indiana Wesleyan University School of Nursing. He maintains dual licenses as both a paramedic and registered nurse. He maintains multiple certifications but always seeks the least invasive path.


Matt has a passion in caring for individual and family needs with a focus on providing transformational and empowering information. As a means to avoid the need for crisis, he desires to empower people in personal wellness. Matt has invested heavily in his training by gaining knowledge from leading experts and thought leaders within their fields of study with strong emphasis on leadership. Matt believes a person’s health status is a direct reflection upon their present personal leadership.

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