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Diabetes Epidemic in America

So when I first started researching Moringa oleifera there were approximately 1,000 papers that had been written in the world. Many were not peer reviewed but that changes everyday. We have a

Diabetes epidemic in America with predictions estimating that 50% of the population will be either diabetic or pre-diabetic by 2020.

Here's some food for thought.....

Moringa Oleifera Leaf Increases Insulin Secretion after Single Dose Administration: A Preliminary Study in Healthy Subjects.

Anthanont P , Lumlerdkij N , Akarasereenont P , Vannasaeng S , Sriwijitkamol A Journal of the Medical Association of Thailand = Chotmaihet Thangphaet [2016, 99(3):308-313] : Abstract Herbal medicine has long been used as an alternative medicine for treatment of type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM). Recently, Moringa oleifera (MO or ma-rum in Thai) leaf has been widely used in T2DM patients. Several studies in diabetes rat model have shown that MO had effect on glucose metabolism. However study in humans is lacking.Examine effects of MO on plasma glucose and insulin secretion.

We concluded that high-dose (4 g) MO leaf powder capsules significantly increased insulin secretion in healthy subjects. These results suggest that MO leaf may be a potential agent in the treatment of type 2 diabetes. Further studies of MO in patients with T2DM are needed.

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